Chinmaya Saurabh - Diffuser Set

    Chinmaya Saurabh - Diffuser Set

Chinmaya Saurabh - Diffuser Set

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The sense of smell is closely linked with memory…

The sense of smell is also highly emotive…

Thus, our emotional response to smell is governed by association…

A smell acts as a trigger in recalling a person, event or experience.

Chinmaya Saurabh is an attempt to recreate Swami Chinmayananda’s fragrance.
It aims to bring Him to your heart and home like never before! 

May it remind us of Him...His tireless efforts, His unconditional love and His great vision.

May every whiff of Chinmaya Saurabh, invoke devotion in us.

‘chinmaya' means consciousness and ‘saurabh' means fragrance. 

Hence 'Chinmaya Saurabh' literally means ‘fragrance of consciousness that enlivens us.'

The diffuser is specially handcrafted with Swami Chinmayananda's signature Om carved on it. Once lit, the Om gets projected on the wall behind it and provides us with a perfect altar of focus…to make our mind still…to meditate. This is a mobile altar!

The specially customised essential oil is named Tadvanam - which means 'the most adorable and the Self of an individual'. This fragrance is most soothing and calming.

So while the beautiful diffuser adds warmth and elegance to your home, the fragrance will drive away all stress and anxiety.

It is packed in a beautiful box and makes the best gift for your loved ones too... they will love it!

This set includes: The stone handcrafted diffuser, a bottle of the specially customised Oil, 4 fancy tlights and a booklet giving details of the diffuser.

Easy to use - Setting up the diffuser takes just a minute:

Place the oil diffuser on a flat, stable surface, away from children, pets or burning hazards.

Pour about a tablespoon of water into the tray on top of the diffuser 

Add 1-2 drops(For a smaller room) and 3-5 drops(for a larger area) of the essential oil to the water.

Slide the unlit tea-light into the bottom of the diffuser and light it.

The oil/water mixture will start to heat and evaporate, scenting the room.

If the bottle of essential oil gets over, it is also available separately.

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