Terra Copper Jug - Small

    Terra Copper Jug - Small

Terra Copper Jug - Small

Brand:Coppre Studio
Product Code:COPW01
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  • INR 2,900

Make a morning ritual of drinking copper-charged water with the Terracopper Jug. With a combination of handbeaten etches and plain surface, the jug reveals the innate sheen of copper. The silhouette is inspired by the simplicity of earthern water jugs. 

The Jug comes with a lid. You can pair it up with the Terracopper Tumblers.

Comes in two sizes, small and large

Water Capacity: Small 1 litre and  Large 1.2 litres

Material: 99% Pure copper,unlacquered with a Brass handle

Recommended: Store water overnight or for eight hours before consuming.

Scrub and rinse daily, before storing water. Use soap to cleanse and tamarind for shine. Wipe the outer surface dry.

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