Om Diya - Large

    Om Diya - Large

Om Diya - Large

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Beautiful brass Diya with Swami Chinmayananda’s signature Om.

When lit and placed infront of a wall or surface, the shadow of the Om gets illumined. This can be used for concentration and focus, which willaid to Meditation too. The glow of the diya and the shadow of the Om are just perfect for creating a warm and devotional ambiance. 

This beautiful diya adds to the charm of any get one for yourself and also to gift to your loved ones. These make best gifts for anyfestival...nothing better thant he gift of light! These come gift wrapped in a delicate net pouch.

The Om Diya is made of brass and has a  groove to place the wick. Oil can be poured in the plate around the wick. 

These Diyas come in three sizes.

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